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I am looking for a good flight instuctor to get my PPL. I live
north of Chicago. Anyone out there know any good Chicago CFIs?

-- Michael Latash, August 28, 2007


I actually just wrapped up my PPL in Chicago after having done most of my training with the good folk of East Coast Aero Club in Bedford, MA. Unfortunately, the recent airline hiring spurt drained many good CFIs from the area's flight schools, including the ones I worked with, so I'd recommend two places for flight training in the Chicago area where you can generally find good instructors: The first, considering you're in North Chicago, is Windy City Flyers in Palwaukee Municipal Airport (now re-branded as Chicago Executive Airport). The second is, if you're more amenable to commuting, A&M Aviation at Clow Airport (1C5) in Bolingbrook. DuPage airport also has some choices, but I'm not as familiar with them.

I know your question was specific to a flight instructor (not a school), but try those places out--even if you need just the instructor, you can always work something out with them directly.

-- Ricardo Taveira, November 4, 2007

Concur. I just finished my PPL at A&M and they are a really good operation. I've trained at a couple of different schools and they have one of the most professional operations there is. Aircraft are relatively new and well maintained and they have a variety of choices if you want to try something different when you complete your training. I also like Clow (1C5). It's a simple airport and close to the edge of the Class B so getting out somewhere to practice is easy. Just look out for traffic though - anyplace around here can be busy. Good luck!

-- Steve Gill, November 7, 2007