Health and Physical Requirements to be a Pilot

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I am an international female student and am interested to be a
commercial pilot. I was wondering if I want to be a pilot in US, do I
need to fulfill certain height or weight requirements? Like for the
health examination, if I am above my average BMI will I still be able
to work as a pilot?


-- Yew Min Dang, October 10, 2007


I think it's best you go to the doctor and try to get a medical nr1, if you do not comply with these rules then there is no use of dreaming of a career, getting below your BMI is an absolute minimum not only for your licence but also for your health!! Start with that today, start excercicing and eating less now!!

On the other hand you must understand that a commercial rating costs alot of money and you need to do alot of hour building before you can start at an airliner, if you still really wan't to do it and are willing to sacrefice plenty of stuff in your life, go for it and i wish you all the best in it.

-- yves soete, October 11, 2007