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I have about 5000 hrs on fixed wing (jets & props) single engine,
rotary (single and multi) I flew for a foreign Air Force. I was a
instructor and have close to 800 hrs instructing on fixed and
rotary. I Migrated to the US about 12 years ago. Now that I am well
settled I wanted to do fly again.

Will my flying hours be given any weightage if I need to do my ppl,
Cpl and Instructor ratings.

Any insight would be highy appreciated.

Kind regards,


-- anthony subbiah, October 17, 2007


You flying hours are your flying hours. To get your U.S. ratings you will probably have to take a couple of knowledge tests (trivial) and a couple of checkrides (should be easy with your experience). After paying for many 10-20 hours of aircraft rental you should be fully licensed and qualified to instruct here in the U.S.

-- Philip Greenspun, October 23, 2007