Single Engine vs. Multi-Engine

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Hello all...

I am coming up to 15 hours of flying, and my CFI thinks I am ready to
solo endorsement after 5 more hours...yikes!

Flew into Napa and saw this beautiful twin airplane that my CFI told
me was a Mitsuibishi MU-2. I love the look of this plane! Doing some
research, I have found that its fast, has great range, and low
operating exp. But, and this is a big "BUT", the plane seems to have
a tad problem with crashing.

My question, what do you folks think about this aircraft.

Also, what are the advantages and disadvantages with getting multi
engine plane as opposed to a high preformance single?


-- Fred John, October 30, 2007


Mike: Thanks for that MU-2 story. I love it! "a dream-machine for the plaintiffs' bar"; Also inspired by "Now 88, Broome still flies his current MU-2B regularly." (fits into my theory that flyings keeps one's mind young).

-- Philip Greenspun, November 30, 2007

Here's a very detailed, and in my relatively uninformed opinion, balanced, article on the MU-2:

-- Mike Zaharis, October 31, 2007