SR20 v. SR20-G2 - What's the difference?

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I am looking at purchasing a 2004 Cirrus SR20. I know the G2 version
came out in the same year. Can anyone tell me:

-> Is there anywhere I can find out what the differences are?

-> Which of these differences is material, as opposed to minor?

Also, I am currently flying a Cessna Cardinal RG II (which is a
beautiful, comfortable, stable aircraft - I love it, but it is 30
years old). Any thoughts on comparisons?


-- Chris Moon, November 6, 2007


The doors and latches are a new and improved design. Everything else in the G2 is designed to make the airplane either cheaper to build or easier to service.

-- Philip Greenspun, November 30, 2007

Additionally, the G2 provides better interior options, color/paint styles and some other cosmetic fixes viz. better looking wheel pant,etc.

-- Ruhil Dhawan, March 20, 2008