DA 40 Versus SR20

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I have been reading your site and really enjoying it. I am a student pilot with about 10
hours under my belt. I am getting my license to commute. I live in Sioux Falls, SD (KFSD),
work in Chicago Mon-Thur(5 minutes from KPWK) and have a cabin no the lake literally
across the street from 0F3. Right now I am flying in a new 172 with a glass cockpit.

Here is my dilemma, I need to get a plane purchased by end of the year. I would rather
put a down payment on plane than give the money to the tax man. So I have a line on a
�05 Da40 or a �05 SR20. I have read both your reviews and wondering with you have any
newer thoughts? I plan on getting my instrument rating as soon as possible. I like the
safety of the Diamond and the speed and cross country comfort SR20.

Thanks Jon

-- Jon Waddell, December 1, 2007


Jon: Enjoy the DA40 (below). I'm glad that our email exchange helped clarify your decision.

-- Philip Greenspun, December 16, 2007

Well I pulled the trigger on the DA 40. I flew the DA40 for a couple hours on Fri Dec 7 and loved the plane. Not that I have alot to compare to, it was incredible. Nothing like the 172 I am currently training. I now its irrational but the tipping point was the recent crash of SR22 in Minnesota and double the insurance cost.

Thanks Philip for all the advice. It really helped.


-- Jon Waddell, December 8, 2007

Made the first trip in N193CA from PWK to FSD. it was 3:10 from take off to touch down. It was a great flight. Thanks for all the help. The upgraded autopilot with flight director is great.


-- Jon Waddell, December 28, 2007