Best two seater for a ... family?

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I am thinking about getting a pilot's license very soon (moved to
Omaha and friends are all 600+ miles away now) over the course of a
few free months (wife and 14-month-old are going overseas for a few
weeks starting in Jan.)

I am very concerned about cost of operation ... I don't know much, but
I'm looking at prices from 30k-60k on used. My question is, though,
are there any "two seat" aircraft that could conceivably hold a small
seat or child seat in the rear? Or am I relegated to a 40+ year old
plane with four formal seats? For instance, can you put a back seat in
a DA20? Obviously the baby is light, and so would our luggage for a
weekend trip.

We would want to be able to go to places like Louisville and
Nashville. Making a stop on the way would be fine, too. And an
occasional trip all the way back east to Philly.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

-- Rehan Nasir, December 4, 2007


If a kid is over 2 years old, he needs his own seat (by the FARs; see 91.107). The Cessna 152 has a lot more room in the back for all kinds of stuff, and maybe you could strap a child seat down in there and be legal.

-- Philip Greenspun, December 16, 2007