G1000 waas upgrade

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The upgrade for the 2004,05 06, WAAS upgrade is now avalable from
Cessna. SB 07-34-07

-- john jones, December 11, 2007


And I just got word that it is approx $18,000, close to $20K installed.

What an incredibly low-class thing for cessna to do! When I bought my pre-2007 T182T, I never expected that "WAAS-upgradeable" means that it would cost more to upgrade, than to add a whole new 3rd NavCom like a GNS480-WAAS enabled navigator, or a new 430W to my airplane, which is a better deal because it would cost less and add redundancy!

I guess my T182T is "JET-upgradeable" too. I just have to pay $2.2MM and replace the physical space it occupies with a Cessna Mustang.

-- Ahmed Reza, February 23, 2008

First, they have lowerd the price for the upgrade it is not $18k second if you had a 2003 and older you could not upgrade for any amount of money and you would have to put in a Garmin to have waas 3ed you are not upgrading a 430 or 530 so where did Cessna say it would be the same price. also you are getting 2 NEW GIA63w's with the GFC700 ap but if you wanted to get the GFC700 there may well be a way to do it in the feuture. 4th Cessna has to change both combo antennas and install a XM antenna the combo antenna's are over $1000 each and they do come with the kit 5th Garmin lost money on the 430 530 upgrade at $1500 each, so you should not compare that price with a G1000 it is a whole diff. setup. 6th Did you pay for the 07 software upgrade? NO and look what you got for that, it was allot.

-- john jones, February 23, 2008

Does anyone know what the WAAS upgrade costs for a C182T that is completely up to date otherwise? I have XM, SafeTaxi, Flight Charts and all up to date software.

-- Fred Rohlfing, February 26, 2008

It is $14,795

-- john jones, February 26, 2008

From your earlier answer, is it correct that the WAAS update comes with the G700 autopilot? I may consider this.

-- Fred Rohlfing, February 27, 2008

I would too, but no the WAAS upgrade does not come with the GFC700 ap all the GIA's have the AP computer in them but you would need a controler and servos, also there is no approval for it at this time.

-- john jones, February 27, 2008

I am glad to hear that the upgrade kit was reduced to $14,750.

My beef is not with Garmin and what the upgrade entailed--i'm sure it's comprehensive and contains quite a bit. My beef is with Cessna Marketing and the way they positioned this feature. At the time I read this, it meant to me a small, incremental cost to add WAAS, not $16K-$17K (including installation) because, as I posted earlier, you could get a 3rd whole WAAS GPS/display for that amount.

Glad to hear it includes the GFC700 brains in case I want to upgrade the autopilot someday (but not likely).

More likely is the WAAS upgrade for all the other things that will likely come with it. Hopefully they can have a synthetic vision / WAAS upgrade bundle to get some economies of scale.

John Jones, punctuation would make your posts easier to read. but thanks for the info.

-- Ahmed Reza, July 20, 2008

I would like to know if the situation has changed since 2008 in regards with the Garmin GFC700 Autopilot? can we upgrade a 2004, 05 or 07 to the same condition has 2007 Cessna T182T and newer?

-- Louis Bouchard, November 21, 2009

That will never happen, to have a GFC700 you will have to have 2007 and newer 182 206 2008 172.

-- john jones, November 21, 2009