cirrus tks vs mooney bravo

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I remember reading that you picked a mooney bravo over the cirrus
because you thought the deicing was more important then a parachute.
So I have been seeing that the cirrus can be equipped with tks icing.
So does that mean the cirrus wins out over the bravo for the first
choice because of the safety of deicing and the chute?

-- Craig Jaces, January 9, 2008


The Mooney is legal for "known ice" and the Cirrus is not. There would be very few winter IMC trips that you could plan in the Cirrus here in New England, whereas the Mooney would be your transportation solution. If you are willing to do illegal operations, the Cirrus as a practical matter might work fine in ice, but it has not been tested or certified by the FAA.

-- Philip Greenspun, January 9, 2008