how to get specific model experience

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As someone who is considering a career change, I've noticed that
nearly every single potential employer requires 200-1000hrs of
experience on their particular models of helicopters. Aside from the
~300hrs of base training to get to Commercial status, is there
additional (higher, i presume) cost for new pilots to log the
necessary hours on model specific aircraft, or do "entry level"
positions even exist? Are there employers willing to check new pilots
out on their aircraft?

This is something I'm really willing and even anxious to do (will
shoot myself if I go back to the 9-5 desk), but the costs seem

-- William Bartholomew, February 11, 2008


The Alaska sightseeing folks and the Gulf of Mexico operators are the ones who are accustomed to providing turbine training and specific model training to every new hire. Typically they hire people who have been working as CFI in schools with Robinsons or Schweizers and therefore have no turbine experience.

-- Philip Greenspun, February 11, 2008