sr20 G3

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Are you familiar with any test or evaluation of the new SR20 G3.
We live in Brazil and are considering this aircraft.
Thanks in advance.

-- Marcelo Frey, February 29, 2008


The magazines have given these new Cirruses rave reviews and praise the handling of the airplanes. So maybe it is more stable and more pleasant to hand-fly than the older models. On the other hand, the same magazines said that the G1 and G2 Cirruses were fantastic handling airplanes as well.

The G3 SR20 should be a nice airplane. I don't think that there has been anything new from the competition in this category. The Cessna 350 (formerly Columbia) is a great airplane, but it competes more with the SR22.

-- Philip Greenspun, March 4, 2008

One issue to consider with Cirrus is the Avidyne avionics. When a software upgrade is required, your airplane could be grounded for a long time. Check to make sure that they have a service facility in Brazil. A plane with a Garmin G1000 might be easier to own because a lot more can be done in the field and/or via exchanges of components.

-- Philip Greenspun, March 4, 2008