camera bag on a Cessna 402

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Taking a flight aboard a Cape Air Cessna 402 from San Juan to Tortola, BVI in a week. I need
to figure out how to take 17 inch laptop, 2 -1ds bodies, a 70-200 2.8 lens, 2-3 other L
series lenses, flash, batteries etc on this flight. Anything I used as a carry on up to San Juan
has to go in a wing locker on the 402. They tell me it has to fit in a 18x11x7 space. I
thought about packing a vest and placing my lenses and bodies in the vest and wearing it on
board. Then crumpling the bag to fit. Assuming the laptop would remain in the bag. I would
still like to have a useful bag for the balance of the trip. Any advice would be greatly

-- Michael Kramer, March 15, 2008


No doubt the answer is a jacket, or vest. They do not count that toward carry on. The photo vests for the lens and body. carry small back back or cloth carry on bag, and you are good to go. Enjoy BVI...

-- fabio savoldelli, April 2, 2008