AOPA working on future avgas

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philip- AOPA's recent notification to its constituents seems to indicate that there is mounting (and perhaps immediate) pressure from environmentalists and others to come up with a replacement for 100LL. sure would like to know if this is an immediate threat before i plop down my $350K+ for a new turbo 182. is this really an issue? does GA's use of 100LL significantly impact the environment? any idea on the timing of any potential changes? are you current on subject and do you have an opinion? i look forward to your response. -steve h. that

-- Steve Horowitz, March 22, 2008


I wouldn't expect any changes for at least 10 years. If the government were serious about reducing lead emissions, they would make super unleaded car gas available at airports for the 70 percent of airplanes that could run on it, including Robinson helicopters and, I think, my Cirrus SR20 with its 200hp 6-cylinder engine. Before they ban 100LL, you'd expect an attempt to cut its usage by 70 percent, which would require only installing some extra gas pumps.

-- Philip Greenspun, March 22, 2008