Older Vintage Cirrus SR-22

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What are your thoughts on the early model SR-22? From a pricing standpoint, there seems to
be quite a lot bang for the buck. A WAAS enabled 01 model is listed on Controller.com for
$185,000 (685TT). Is there some reason to avoid the older Cirrus in general?

-- Scott Zodin, March 31, 2008


The new G3 SR22 should be quite nice. It has extra payload and supposedly better handling. I hope that they slowed down the trim motor as well. Anything pre-G3 should be about the same. A 2001 model won't have a glass cockpit, but owning the Avidyne is a major hassle anyway. If you insist on glass, you can retrofit an Aspen Avionics PFD one day. The pre-glass and post-glass SR22s both have the same autopilot.

-- Philip Greenspun, April 6, 2008