What is the best ANR headset for DA-40

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I should have read your earlier review and saved my self the trip back to the Bose Outlet Store
to return my Bose X headset. I thought they were nice, but the noise abatement seemed to
approximate the old David Clarks I have been borrowing. Certainly not worth $1000. I
mentioned the Telex D-50 to my instructor and he said that the canopy makes the Telex and
Lightspeed tough because the ears are so large. Without actually trying a pair, I can't really
say. Are larger headsets a problem in the DA-40 (assuming one is an average size, I am
5'9")? And if so, are there any worthwhile ANR headsets that are roughly the same size as
the Bose (or a better fit for the 40)?

-- Scott Zodin, April 5, 2008


If there were truth in advertising, Bose would say "almost as much noise reduction as a $9.99 hearing protector from Home Depot".

I'm 6' tall and never found the headband or ear cups of the Telex to be a problem in the DA40. That said, the DA40 is wired for the tip-powered Sennheisers, which are almost as quiet as the Telex and don't require monkeying with batteries. I would custom order a pair of tip-powered Sennheiser ANR headsets and then supplement with earplugs if not quiet enough.

-- Philip Greenspun, April 6, 2008

To answer the follow-up question below... every DA40 has independently adjustable intercom volumes for pilot and copilot seats, so mixing headsets should not be an issue except possibly for sidetone (what the other pilot hears when one transmits on the radio). One person sets the radio volume to his or her comfort level. The other pilot adjust the volume control on his or her headset until the radio sounds right. Then each person adjust the intercom volume to personal preference.

-- Philip Greenspun, April 6, 2008

One other note .... my instructor said he has trouble combining his David Clarks with student's ANR headsets. Specifically, there seems to be some effort in matching the radio and intercom volumes so both ANR and passive wearer are happy. Do you have any thoughts combining ANR with passive? Should you use all one way or the other?

-- Scott Zodin, April 6, 2008

Decided on the Clarity Aloft in ear headset. Given the heat here in Texas, it is nice to have the ears uncovered. They are so light weight you forget you have them on. Of course, you have to be comfortable with the foam ear piece wedged in your ear. After years of iPod use, this is not a problem for me. We flew our recently purchased DA40 from LA to Austin, TX and I experienced no discomfort - this in spite of 9 hours in the cockpit. The sound attenuation seems to approximate the ANRs I have already tried, and the mike works as well as the David Clarks. The only question is: how well do they hold up? It is too soon to tell, but will post in few months with an update. Scott

-- Scott Zodin, May 11, 2008