Class B clearances - Cape Cod

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Any advice for VFR private pilot flying out of KBED to KCQX (chatham,
ma - cape cod) with regards to more direct routing than going around
the entire class B?

Is there any chance of going through the Boston Bravo?

Great forum!

-- Fred Randy, April 7, 2008


It depends on what runway Logan is using. On most nice days they are using 4L and 4R, which has the airplanes approaching from the SW. In that case they need you to stay below 3000 and just outside route 128 (i.e., clear of the Bravo). If you sound reasonably competent on the radio they will usually give you a Bravo clearance direct, especially if it is to climb to 7500.

Get Hanscom Ground to give you a squawk code for VFR advisories to CQX. Once in the air and headed toward OWD (climb to 2700 works well) contact Boston Approach and say "Boston Approach, Good Morning, Warrior 267ND one thousand five hundred climbing two thousand seven hundred south of Bedford." When they get back to you with "RADAR contact" say "Any chance of a Bravo clearance at five thousand five hundred direct Chatham?"

-- Philip Greenspun, April 8, 2008