Stall/slow turn training

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What is the minimum altitude you would feel comfortable doing you
initial power-off stall training? I read some ridiculous percentage
of training fatalities happen with a CFI in stall training, and as a
newbie the ground looks mighty close at 2300 of elevation. Is
higher safer? It is in a Cirus SR20, so spins not a great

-- fabio savoldelli, April 12, 2008


2500' AGL is pretty good for almost everything. If you were to go any higher than that you would have to pick up VFR advisories from Approach due to the likelihood of encountering en-route traffic. If you were in the middle of North Dakota, going up to 4000' AGL might make sense, but in the Northeast the risk of collision with aircraft operating out of all of the busy airports outweighs any safety advantage you might get from higher altitude.

Stalls scare students but they are not nearly as dangerous as they seem. With the Cirrus I might recover a bit earlier than in a Cessna or Diamond, though!

-- Philip Greenspun, April 20, 2008

thanks as always Phil. the ground gets mighty big, mighty fast!

-- fabio savoldelli, April 25, 2008