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I thought the features in new Cirrus panel were a big step for GA
pilots. The link below seems to have an interesting review: best I
have seen yet. Certainly seems to adress some of the issues Philip
had in the past. Interesting stuff!

-- fabio savoldelli, June 2, 2008


Well if you look the Perspective it IS a G1000 the same as the all other G1000 and has the same menu's and all, they do have a stand alone AP controler but so does the Caravan and mustang and C90 so thats not new and ALL G1000 aircraft can have a 2nd AHRS much less than $48K it works just like a G1000 in a 182 except it has one botton more and thats the LVL botton. Cirrus had no choice but to follow Cessna and put in the G1000. The 2008 182 comes with SVT FREE

-- john jones, July 14, 2008

One thing for sure is installing Garmin Glass in the Cirrus was the BEST thing Cirrus did, it is going to sell well even in this economy. I know I did not buy the Cirrus because it did not have a G1000, now I may think about it.

-- john jones, July 15, 2008

John, I thought they went beyond that. As a guy who has only flown Avidyne I defer to others, but I though Phil's complaint on the G1000 was the number of steps needed to do anything. According to Cirrus they have "reworked" the process, and it is all just two buttons or less. It does seem to have less bezel buttons, but it could also all be BS and they just moved them to the center console... Fabio

-- fabio savoldelli, July 15, 2008

Just download the pilots manual from the Garmin website, and you will see it is the same steps to get to anything as in ALL G1000's It does have the Ready Pad but so does the Cessna 400/350 and it is a G1000. What is being commented on on the forum is wrong by way of they do not know how the G1000 works or they are flying with outdated software. All the G1000 Cessna's have VNAV that give you stepdown alt's, and a 3 way wind vector on the HSI also you can enter V airways to make the flight plans and V. airways show up on the PFD and MFD.

-- john jones, July 15, 2008