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hi philip- i am a 175 hour SEL pilot based in southern california (SNA). i plan to begin
training for my instrument rating within the next 6 months or so. i have a new turbo 182. i
have some free time this summer and would like to obtain instruction specific to mountain
flying. my preferred location would be colorado. do you know of any good instructors or
programs that i may wish to consider? thanks so much. -steve h.

-- Steve Horowitz, June 5, 2008



You might want to check with Reuben Bakker at Journey Aviation in Boulder (he's actually based at Jeffco). He is very well versed in mountain flying and will fly in your airplane. I have experienced a number of instructors that only want to fly in their airplanes that you have to rent. My only concern is how you get from California to Colorado. Hope this helps.


-- Donnin Custer, June 16, 2008

You might try out these guys:

They are located in the mountains about a 40 minute flight from Boise, Id. They back up their classes with some dual, landing at genuine Idaho Back-country strips.

-- Lee Pounds, February 23, 2009