STEC55x and Garmin 430W

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Hi Philip,

Thanks for your help on choosing a new airplane. We are pleased to tell you that we are
very much enjoying our SR20 G3.

So, on to the question... I'm having trouble getting good results flying an ILS with the STEC
and the 430's. We generally practice vectors to final, with the last heading within 20
degrees of the runway heading.I seem to be getting inconsistent results- sometimes the
GPS switches to VLOC, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes when I switch it manually, it still
doesn't fly the approach. Is there any specific procedure that works well for you?

Thanks much,


-- Ged King, June 12, 2008


I can't remember what rules the Garmin follows in switching automatically from GPS to VLOC, but it usually works in our airplane. As for flying the approach, we tend to get some overshooting of the localizer course if we just arm the approach and let the autopilot decide when it wants to switch. Otherwise it works fine as long as we intercept the glideslope from underneath.

-- Philip Greenspun, July 8, 2008