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I'm a multi-engine commercial (addon) student at ECAC-Hanscom. I
know that insurance minimums (flight time) for twins are really high,
so I was wondering what can a low time person like myself do to get
enough time to be able to rent one. Especially here in Boston! I know
getting the MEI is a good option, but one that I'll pursue a bit down
the road (after the CFI and II certificates). And even for the MEI I
need 15 hours PIC in a twin...

Thank you and best regards,


-- Carlos Santana, July 21, 2008


The time-honored approach is splitting time with another pilot, one of you wearing a hood and the other flying. If your primary interest is in flying a piston twin you could simply get your MEI as your first instructor rating. That would build quite a bit of time. Then get your CFI-ASEL and CFII as add-on ratings.

-- Philip Greenspun, July 23, 2008