Sightseeing Flights in the Boston Area?

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Hi� What companies provide sightseeing or short charter flights in the
Boston area? If possible, we would like to fly from Hanscom Airfield,
but another local airport would be fine as well. Any recommendations
would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you!

-- Patrick Toomey, August 10, 2008


East Coast Aero Club at Hanscom Field has helicopter sightseeing flights (I'm one of the pilots). I think that both East Coast Aero Club and Executive Flyers, across the hall, will do photo flights in airplanes (can't fly nearly as low as the helicopter) and also intro lessons. Charter is a different regulatory animal. Mike Rhodes of Diamond Helicopters can run a helicopter charter out of Hanscom Field. I don't know of anyone else right now, unless you count business jets.

-- Philip Greenspun, August 10, 2008