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After flying for 25 years, I am buying my first airplane, a new
Mooney Ovation 2GX.

I'm a relatively inexperienced pilot (just like fly fishing - been
doing that for 25 years also - still a beginner, more a frame of
mind than anything else), and have never bought an aircraft. I know
Mooney would never try to sell me an airplane that was not perfect.
All the same I wonder if I should have someone with more experience
than I with me during the delivery inspection. What do you think?
Good idea or waste of money?

-- Austin Kalb, September 2, 2008


Most of the non-obvious problems will be avionics configuration. I would go up in the new plane and do 6 IFR approaches, concentrating on use of the autopilot. If everything works for those approaches, probably the plane is configured right.

Also pay attention to the audio panel, trying the XM radio and the aux input (bring your MP3 player). Garmin audio panels sometimes need to be set for 20 dB of extra gain in order for any music to be heard.

-- Philip Greenspun, September 3, 2008


Does Mooney no longer offer the training course free? If they do, you should simply schedule your pick up along with the course. Enjoy a few days in San Antonio. See the Alamo, eat some tex-mex, and learn all about your new plane. You will be ready when they let you go, and if you are not, they will likely be able to send an instructor home with you for the price of his return commercial ticket.


-- Eric Warren, September 3, 2008

I'm not talking about training. That is covered.

I am talking about help with the aircraft delivery / acceptance process. I could do a quick walkaround, a more detailed inspection myself, or get someone that really knows about Mooneys to take a more detailed look at the plane. Once I accept the aircraft, then squawks are covered under warranty and maintenance, which I would venture to say are probably not going to resolved as efficiently as pre-acceptance problems.

-- Austin Kalb, September 3, 2008

Sorry, I guess I missed your point. Lone Star is on the field at San Antonio. He does a lot of Mooney business. The other shop you might want to try is the one in Kerrville itself. I can't remember the name, but they specialize in Mooney (I can only assume they have a lot of ex Mooney guys doing the work.).

However, I am not sure what your fear is. Warranty should cover just about anything wrong except paint issues shouldn't it?

I believe you can take delivery in San Antonio or in Kerrville.

-- Eric Warren, September 6, 2008

I would be happy to help you inspect and pick up the plane. Expenses only. I have recent experience with advanced avionics and flight time in Mooney's. (laid off and looking for interesting things to do)

-- Nick Cain, September 10, 2008