Cessna 340 - good CFI in Northern LA or wider SFO area?

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I recently bought a Cessna 340. I had two days of training from a CFI
who was allegedly very capable, but upon reflection am not happy that
my checkout was as thorough as I would like. In fact I think it was
sloppy and insufficient. I haven't flown the 340 since, but intend to
shortly, and would like to train again (grrrrr!) and fly it properly
& safely. I am seeking an EXPERT in C340s, either in Northern LA area
(Camarillo would be perfect) or anywhere in the Bay Area. What I mean
is, a capable, experienced M/E CFI who thoroughly and specifically
understands C340s, (systems and techniques) not just a general M/E
CFI. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd sure appreciate it.

-- Michael Diamond, September 14, 2008


I do not know your level of multi-engine experience but 2 days of training in Cessna 300-400 series airplanes seems light by any standards. Thinking about it, it took me at least 10 hours to overcome the telltale beginners' waggle that comes as a result of balancing 50 gallons of low lead on each tip. Have you considered initial training with Flight Safety or one of the other simulator-based programs?

-- Sean O'Toole, December 7, 2008

Hi Michael,

I know what you mean about the 'checkouts' in the C340. I recently had to undergo my C340 recurrent (for my part 135 Insurance company) and could have passed with my eyes closed. Fortunately my partner in the charter company who did my 135 training is not only a 12,000hr ATP but also an A&P/IA and does all our maintenence. Knows them cold.

Give me a shout at jeff@flysunwest.com and we can talk about the training you would like and see if I can help. I am a CFI here at SunWest and fly both the C310 and C340 on our charter certificate based out of IZA. CMA is pretty close...

Best, Jeff

-- Jeff Millard, December 22, 2008

If Jeff is busy, I can help. 805 452-4139. I have actually flown a C340 on one engine! 135 checkrides will beat common sense into you.

-- Max Rosenberg, May 26, 2009