Older Beech Debonair or Bonanza Owners...???

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Does any-1 here have experience owning an older (60's) Debonair
(C33) or Bonanza? I have 250 hrs. in V Tails. I am concerned about
the age / cost of maint. factors. I know the older Beech's were
built very well, but age takes its toll on things. Any ideas &
thoughts are appreciated!!
Thank you!

-- Capt. Gary, September 25, 2008


Hey Gary, I'm a former '61 Debbie owner. Great airplane, fast, fun to fly and very expensive to maintain. Realize, it's a complex airplane. Variable pitch prop, retract gear and fuel injected engine. I had the IO-470-U (225 hp) Solid as a rock, but when the time builds, (Mine was at 700 hours) figure on a top OH. Then the prop must be looked at. The cost was close to $10K. The annual on the old boy was expensive too! Mine averaged $5K each year it went into the shop. Then, I needed 2-inboard fuel bladders and the gear- gearbox had to be gone through. This was an expensive annual. The Beechcraft folks make a great product however, it's also an expensive airplane and to me, it's not for the working man! You must also find a mechanic that knows the Beech line of aircraft. My guy was learning on my money! Sadly, I sold it and I'm going to go back to another Cessna 180. Good luck on your bird. Rick Schnepf, Thousand Oaks, CA

-- Richard (Rick) Schnepf, October 2, 2008

Yes, it's expensive, but so worth it. When you compare the acquisition and maintenance costs to a comparable Cirrus, Beechcraft owners come out way ahead in my opinion.

-- Don Shade, January 8, 2009