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I am currently using a Dell Latitude XT, G-sat GPS, and the Jeppesen Suite. I really like the
idea of an elegant solution that goes from planning to cockpit with one software program.
I do my planning on Flitestar, print charts from Jeppview, and use Flitedeck in the cockpit.

Jeppesen is by far the most expensive solution, but I have yet to find anything else that
does precisely what it is supposed to do when it is suppose to do it. Voyager is neat but I
really don't care about HITS and synthetic vision. It seems like all the EFB competitors are
trying to add more and more bells and whistles.

Does anyone have a simple solution that includes flight planning with geo referenced
charts and plates?

One more thing, we can unlock our G1000 for Jepp which we still may do ($3100 just for
the unlock, gulp). That would increase my total subscription cost with Jepp to $2100 per
year (that's the whole country Nav Data, Charts, and uploads to the G1000).

I wish there was a way to incorporate Jepp electronically for less $$$$$$.


-- Scott Zodin, March 8, 2009


-- Timothy Prospero, April 25, 2009

For flight planning, I was expecting to use Flitestar, but I've found far more useful. Some advantages:

. It's free . It's more accurate since it will show filed and assigned routes . The aircraft profiles are better. If you fly turbines, Flitestar insists on an even more expensive Corporate edition . The winds aloft is superb. If you plan far in advance, it'll show statistical likely winds for that date / route. . It works on a smartphone

So drop Flitestar. I still like Jepp charts even though they are so expensive, leaving you with Jeppview and Flitedeck.

As for PC hardware, my current favorite is the Lenovo X200 tablet with touch screen. Flitedeck works great with finger control.

-- David Wihl, December 22, 2009

I have found the best Flight planning software to be Flight Soft. I tried using Flightstar but that is just to many clicks and to busy of a program to be a contender.

I am presently looking at Chartbooks but the perfect unit is still not out there or if it is I have not come across it yet. I love the Jepp plates but have not found the platform for them.


-- Norman Wolfe, February 15, 2010