Cirrus SR 22 G3 Turbo

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I am seriously thinking of purchasing a new Cirrus SR 22 G3 Turbo.
I have read your reviews of the Cirrus, and was wondering if you
feel differently about the new models. I am about to complete my
PPL, and will have my instrument rating within a couple of months,
and will most likely have my commercial rating by the end of the
year. The goal is to transition to some form of VLJ in the next
couple of years. Most of my flying has been and will be with a
CFII/ATP instructor flying the Diamond DA 40 and DA 42. Will the SR
22 Turbo be too much of a step up for a pilot with aprox 175-200
hours and an insturment rating. Thank you for your responses.

-- Tom Zee, June 4, 2009


That new Garmin panel is pretty sweet, I have to admit. If you're out West and happy to breathe oxygen, I think the turbo could be useful, but recognize that it will make the engine less reliable (the one Cirrus engine failure of which I'm aware was in a turbo).

It sounds as though you are pretty serious about training and checklists/procedures. If so, the SR22 shouldn't be that big of a step. It is not a great sunny weekend once/month airplane, but as a stepping stone to a VLJ it should be great. Your passengers will love you and the Cirrus.

-- Philip Greenspun, June 4, 2009

Wait. I want to hear more about the "back up" gear.

-- mike bruno, June 5, 2009

Do yourself a big favor, take the Mooney Demo. No matter what you think, take the ride. 200 hours is a big break point for the insurance folks, and they aren't ignorant. You should be ready to transition to a high performance plane at that point.

-- Eric Warren, June 5, 2009