DA40 turbine conversion

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did anybody ever consider a turbine conversion of a DA40? If money
wasn't the main issue, would it be feasible?

-- Kai Kern, June 7, 2009


There are no certified turbine engines anywhere near the feeble 180hp required by a DA40. The DA40 is already somewhat restricted in range. If you mounted a PT-6 in the front and fed it from the 50-gallon extended range fuel tanks you would only have about 2 hours of flight time. Suppose that you could go 170 knots (almost red line) for those 2 hours, that's a no-reserve range of 340 nautical miles. A Robinson R44 helicopter has more range than that.

-- Philip Greenspun, June 8, 2009

Money and safety, I suppose. I'm not aware of any STC to do so, so you'd be designing (or hiring someone to design) the modification, which would be extensive, and unless you plan on getting certification, which seems unlikely, you'll be forever in the experimental category.

-- Joshua Levinson, June 8, 2009

O.K., red line is definitely something I did not consider at all. There is no use in adding a turbine if you can't get a reasonable increase in speed.

Tanks could be added on cost of the rear passenger seats (and passengers).

-- Kai Kern, June 8, 2009