A way to receive certification from FAA?

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For foreign manufacturers to sell their airplane in US, BASA
(Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement) is needed.
Does that mean foreign manufacturer must receive TC(Type
Certificaton), PC(Production Certification) and AC(Airworthness
Certification)? All three of them?
Then, how many orders/productions are needed to receive PC?

Anyone playing golf? Is it possible to load two golf bags in SR22 or

-- Junyoung Yun, June 8, 2009


The type has to be certified with the FAA for the aircraft to have a standard N- tail number. Someone also has to certify each individual aircraft as airworthy. If there are only a handful of aircraft, it is possible to get the FAA to certify each one individually. Eventually, though, each factory where an aircraft is produced needs a production certificate, which delegates the FAA's inspection authority to someone at the manufacturer. I'm not sure what the threshold is for getting the FAA to go through the effort of evaluating a factory and its processes for a production certificate. It probably depends on the kind of aircraft. Ten two-seat piston airplanes per year might not be very interesting to them; ten eight-seat business jets would be another matter.

-- Philip Greenspun, June 8, 2009

Assuming 2 passengers, most modern 4 seaters can also take 2 golf bags.

The DA40 and 42 are the easiest to load, the Cirrus and Columbias can do it though. The Mooney hatch seems especially designed for this purpose, but only for the regular bags, not the super sized ones.

-- Eric Warren, June 9, 2009