Fying to the Arctic

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I would like to contact with any one that has been flying as far as
Ward Hunt Island, Alert, Eureka (Ellesmer Island region)

-- Carlos Gosalbez, August 8, 2009


Been to Inuvik by light plane - and it was a blast. Inuvik, Cambridge Bay and Iqaluit (old name Frobisher bay) have 100LL. In general, north of the Arctic ocean coast you need to arrange for 100LL fuel drums or fly turbine equipment as its all geared for turbine equipment in the high north.

-- Edward Prest, August 8, 2009

I got the answer to the fuel issue. Install a ferry tank. Best bet would be to fly to Sonderstrom, Greenland (BGSF) and head up to Alert. Cuts off some 200 NM vs. leaving Iqualuit (CYFB). There is also a better chance of getting Av-Gas up the western coast of Greenland vs. Eastern Canada. End of the season is coming quickly though, if flying a light piston single or twin. It will be dark 24 hours/day and dropping to an average of -20C. I know all these airports very well and the weather patterns. I am a professional trans-atlantic ferry pilot...

-- Dustin Rabe, August 14, 2009