is there an airplane like this?

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I fly robbie r-44s and single engine fixed wing. Would rather fly
the r-44, given the type fixed wing I fly-172 and warriers. Am
looking for a fixed gear, less than 8-10 gallon an hour 150+ kt
cruise 4 seater-is there such a thing?



-- joey petersen, September 10, 2009


A Cirrus SR20 will do 140 knots lean of peak at 8.5 gallons per hour. If you throw half of the structure and a lot of redundancy and rely on perfect craftsmanship you can easily get the numbers you're talking about in an experimental category airplane (kit).

-- Philip Greenspun, September 10, 2009

Not sure if you'll get 150 knots out of it, but might want to look into some of the older (1970's or so) Mooneys with the 180HP engines. They will be faster than a Cherokee or 172 of similar vintage, but will still have the similar payload restrictions.

Also, take a peek at a Piper Arrow or a Cessna 177RG. I'm almost certain they don't cruise at 150kt, but they will be in the 130-140 range, and will be much more similar to you, if you're used to a Cherokee and Cessna cockpit.

-- Joshua Levinson, September 10, 2009

Not to my knowledge, but the Mooney 201/205 with retractable gear will do it. Cruise at 55% and you get 150 honest knots on 8 gallons per hour. The cabin gets cozy with 4 adults, but leg- and headroom are actually adequate unless someone is much above average height.

-- Henrik Vaeroe, September 10, 2009

You can get to 135kts+ in a Tiger AG-5B, AA-5B on probably 8-10 gallons. Fixed gear. Fixed Prop. A cool slide back canopy. The rear seats also, fold down flat and you can sleep in the back. I really liked the handling of it when I flew on once. It's also, has a top cowling that opens up on both sides for easy engine access and to-actually see inside-everything. There were 10 produced w/G-1000. I was going to buy it, but ended up buying a Cessna Skylane w/G1000 that was roomier and carried more fuel and load.

See this review:

And Photos:

Borrowed these photo links from a few web for sale listings.

-- Dean Phillips, November 5, 2009