Sunblind or Sunvisor for single piston?

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Last month, I made a trip from Orlando to Maimi with airtaxi
company's S*22. It was sunny and nice outside. However, when I get on
the plane, it was little hot so I wondered how come it doesn't have
Is sunvisor enough in front seat? How about backseat, like
commercial/business jets have?
It doesn't seem to cost too much to have one or would you use window
coating film like ones used in cars?
Which one would you prefer? I'm not sure if there are any faa
regulations for this or not.

-- Junyoung Yun, September 27, 2009


Airplane windows should have coatings that block out UV and IR light, the way that the windows in a Hyundai or Toyota do. The FAA does not have regulations preventing coated windows and they even allow tinted windows. But airplane manufacturers have not invested the money and effort in this for some reason.

-- Philip Greenspun, October 31, 2009