Flying to Baja, how safe is it?

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Does anyone have experience flying to Baja recently? I have heard
horror stories, and am just not sure what to really think. I have a
182, and was told that the 206& 182 cessnas are the most likely to be
stolen down there so I am not inclined to use my plane. Looking to
fly Mulege with some friends before if all goes well taking the family
(which includes the dog). Thanks for any input

-- Alex H, January 15, 2010


Horror stories about Baja? Other than right along the border? Baja is a very sleepy part of Mexico and there is only one road to get from town to town. Mulege is not Tijuana. Even the U.S. Department of Homeland Security might be able to spot a bad guy down there in the middle of Baja. And since there is nowhere for the bad guy to run, except up or down the one road, they might be able to catch him.

If you were a criminal, you would probably choose to operate somewhere else.

-- Philip Greenspun, January 16, 2010

Never a problem in over 30 trips sinc the early 8os but I have never owned a cessna 182/185/206/210 favored by drug runners.Info on baja bush pilot website reports one 206 stolen this year that had chain on prop/throttle lock/disabled ignition leads etc south of san quintin on pacific side,.Your flight to Muluge is perfectly safe(runway right in front of serindad hotel)and you will be met by gun totin mexican federal security youngster.Go ahead and enjoy the sites and smells...kpc

-- kelly couch, March 17, 2010