Piper Meridian training in the US

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I am an IFR pilot and about to buy a 50% share on a Piper Meridian.
I live in Europe but need a proper training on the plane and would
rather do it in the US for economical reasons. Any place(s) you can

-- elie vannier, January 17, 2010


There aren't any flight schools that have a Meridian for rent. So you need to find an owner and an instructor and square it all up with the insurance company, unless you were planning on bringing your plane here. Ron Cox in Florida is an excellent private instructor. He might be willing to come over to Europe. His Web site is http://www.aviationtrainingatm.com/

-- Philip Greenspun, January 17, 2010

Do you have any idea, on how many hours will insurance companys allow me to have a meridian. FAA PPL IR Its going to be flying outside of US.

Thank you

-- Joao Silva, February 16, 2010