CPL Training in the US

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I am a private pilot (SEP and MEP as well as IFR) in Europe and
would like to pass a CPL in the US. No intention of making it my
carreer but I think that I would learn more, become a better
pilot...and reduce my insurance cost. I am looking for a good place
to do so in the Us and wonder how long it would take (full time).

-- elie vannier, January 17, 2010


You can come to virtually any flight school in the U.S. Just pick a city where you'd like to hang out (East Coast Aero Club in Boston would be delighted to serve you if you choose Boston). For the Commercial you don't even need TSA approval, I don't think. How long would it take? Figure 10 hours to learn to fly a Piper Arrow and then another 10 to learn the Commercial maneuvers. Plus you take a computer-based multiple-choice "knowledge" test (study with a book at home and then spend 3 hours taking it here).

If you fly 3 hours per day you'll be done in 7 days.

-- Philip Greenspun, January 17, 2010