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I trained in an Archer, obtained my private and instrument in that
plattform. Currently own 2001 Archer 3, with 600 hour experience
I have the opportunity of upgrading either to a 2006 Piper 6XT with
an Avydine and stay in the same plattform, or going with 182T with
G1000/GFC700 for approximate same cost.
I don't necessarily need all the payload advantage of the XT, what
is your advice?


-- Claudio Schuger, February 20, 2010


If you can live with four seats, why not a used Cirrus SR22? They are an incredibly good value due to the massive numbers produced and the fact that the Avidyne-equipped machines have been devalued by the introduction of the all-Garmin Cirrus.

If the 182T can do your missions, I think you'll ultimately get better support from Cessna and the GFC700 is certainly a better autopilot, as noted below.

-- Philip Greenspun, February 23, 2010

The PA-32 series has the roomiest cabin in the class. And both Piper elements and Avidyne will be familiar to you.

But if you don't need the voluminous cabin, the 182T looks the better choice: - better field performance - slightly better handling - GFC700 is a far better autopilot than the S-Tec 55X - G1000 has better redundancy than the Avidyne 6 or 7 (but takes more getting used to) - lower cost per air-mile

Or maybe it is just a matter of taste, style, or personal preferences.

-- Henrik Vaeroe, February 23, 2010