Meridian vs Jetprop

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Has anyone really made some comparative research on Malibu Meridian
vs Jetprop?
Is a buyer better off with a 2001 Merdian or a 1989/90 Mirage
retrofitted in Jetprop ca. 2005, for the same price?
Thank you

-- elie vannier, March 10, 2010


Most people have good things to say about the Jetprop, but I think that there is no substitute for an airplane that was designed from scratch to be whatever it is. I have ended up preferring the Cirrus SR20, for example, to the SR22 (same airplane but with bolt-on wing extensions and a 50 percent horsepower boost). On the other hand, most people prefer the SR22...

-- Philip Greenspun, March 14, 2010

I did extensive research into both before I bought my used JetProp. Used 2001 Meridians were priced significantly less than similar age Jetprops and it was very tempting. But the consensus of all the maintenance folks I talked to was that the JetProp was significantly more reliable, cheaper to maintain, and had simpler systems. The performance of the two models are comparable at cruise, but the Jetprop is a clear winner in climb and time to climb. The Meridian has significantly higher fuel consumption especially at lower altitudes and during taxi operations where the high idle thrust and the lack of prop control requires extensive use of brakes. The earlier ones with the Meggitt panels are problem prone and tough to get parts for. And the -42 engine with its magnesium housing is prone to (expensive to fix!) corrosion problems.

-- Art Fritzson, August 1, 2010

Thanks a lot. I came to the same conclusion and purchased a Jetprop a few weeks ago. I love it. Elie Jetprop N43CH

-- elie vannier, August 2, 2010