Lowest stall speed of production aircraft

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The C152 stalls at 35 knots with full flap. Do any certified GA aircraft
have a lower stall speed? I'm curious as to how far this figure can be

-- Patrick Collison, March 18, 2010


Thats not slow at all! :)

The Storch stalls at 32 mph and I am sure many tail dragging bush planes are in that range. Based on experimental plane stats, I believe you lose practicality if you stretch it much less than 30. If you use techniques to change geometry it costs weight and money. If you don't, you lose speed and create other problems.

For a training or fun flying plane designed for airport use, I would think the best goal would be to stall a good bit under the speed at which the plane is crashworthy. The DA 20 accomplishes that already.

I am unaware of a bush plane that has that crashworthiness ability. I can't recall that old design with the trailing link from the eastern bloc that did so well. Making a composite fuselage update of that would be interesting. Also need to work on the bounce issue though.

-- Eric Warren, March 21, 2010