R22 maintenance

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I'm looking at the feasibility of using an R22 to commute to 3
different clinics in my medical practice. It looks like a lot a
fun! The problem I have is that the closest qualified mechanic is
200 miles away. I have a local mechanic who says he can do it but
he has no experience with helicopters. Does that sound like a real

-- Alec Macrae, April 5, 2010


You'd have to send him to a two-week Robinson maintenance course. And you'd want to bring in an experienced mechanic to help him with the first 100-hour inspection and then to work with him on every second or third 100-hour. At East Coast Aero Club the policy is that no single mechanic can do anything without a second mechanic verifying the work, so even with one great mechanic you won't achieve the kind of safety that is possible with a second pair of eyes.

[You'd have a lot more fun with an R44, by the way!]

-- Philip Greenspun, April 6, 2010