aircraft training crash

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i still student n now im doing my project paper abt aircraft training
crash.. can u help me..y many aircraft training crash..becouse this 4 my
final project...please...thank you very much becouse read this message

-- wahida ieda, April 27, 2010


Very few training aircraft crash because people aren't trying to go anywhere on a training flight. There is no pressure to get to a destination and therefore no pressure to fly into bad weather, fly with slightly broken equipment, fly when feeling tired or ill, etc. People usually get into trouble with light aircraft when they are using them for transportation.

-- Philip Greenspun, April 29, 2010

I think it is inaccurate to say that many training aircraft crash. You can find the statistics through the NTSB web site and others. The NTSB is a separate body from the FAA which investigates aircraft accidents in the U.S. and keeps less complete data on crashes outside the U.S.

Most training aircraft are flown together with a CFI and with the guidance of a CFI for soloing. In my experience, CFIs are very good pilots with an emphasis on safety and proper training.

The most likely scenario is pilots taking on situations for which they are not qualified, such as continuing VFR flight into instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) without an intstrument rating or proper training.

Also likely are pilots who ignore weight and balance or flying aircraft with which they are not familiar.

I believe it is true to say that general aviation accident rates have been improving steadily over the past decades and continue to do so, which is really the opposite of what you suggested.

One other suggestion is to spell out words, instead of u, y, and 4. You aren't texting or paying by the letter.


-- Todd Ramming, April 29, 2010