Flying with Kids

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I'm planning to take my little son (20 months old) for a flight
(DA40). One day. Now what I don't know is when should this day come.

I understand that every child is different and reacts to sound,
vibrations etc. in a different way then others, so I wouldn't take him
into a plane if he wouldn't like it (I think he's going to be ok as he
enjoyed all flights in the airliners so far).

It seems to me that the most important issue is whether the child (and
the flight) can stay safe, thus be seated and keep a headset on? Is
there more?

What is your experience with taking little kids onboard?


-- Jiri Novak, May 5, 2010


A standard car seat should be fine in terms of securing the kid. Hearing protection is the most important issue in my opinion, so you definitely want a kid headset or small earmuffs. Finally remember that kids have very short attention spans. So a single trip around the pattern will be sufficient to introduce a kid to aviation. If you take the child on a longer trip, he or she will simply fall asleep after 15 minutes.

-- Philip Greenspun, May 5, 2010