Updating Instruments or Renting from school

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I finished my airplane PPL last Nov. and I'm wanting to get started
on my Instrument rating. I own a '68 Cessna 150, but I went up with
an instructor and he said the Attitude indicator and Heading
Indicator were not up to par for instrument work. The plane isn't
instrument equipped, but I was hoping to keep the cost down by doing
some work in it and renting the school's plane for the hours I need
in an instrument equipped plane. The cost of replacing the
instruments would be about $1100.

Should I replace these instruments to get some use out of my plane,
or rent the school's plane for the instrument rating? Any other
ideas on how to keep the cost down would be a great help.


-- David Mattson, May 27, 2010


It doesn't sound like the 150 is going to meet your needs long term or even in the immediate short term. I wouldn't get an instrument rating unless I planned to stay current and that is hard to do owning a non-instrument aircraft. So, sounds like time to sell it, rent an instrument aircraft, and move on.

-- Alex Baker, June 4, 2010