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I was about to go buy a pair of old-school Ray-Ban aviators for when I'm flying. My
polarized glasses make it tough to see the G1000 in the DA40 I fly, and the thick arms break
the seal of my LS Zulus causing it to be tough to hear the radio at times.

Before making a purchase I thought I'd check to see if others had any

Thanks in advance.

-- Justin Toner, July 5, 2010


Buy from FramesDirect.Com I replaced my old Ray Bans with polycarbonate impact resistant non polarized bifocals they are great. Charles

-- Charles Farley, July 5, 2010

In retrospect, I didn't phrase that well. I was about to buy the Ray-Bans, but am curious if folks have suggestions for other glasses that work well, as opposed to where to buy them (thought I appreciate the response). I was thinking of the Aviators as a default that would work, but am interested in other options. Thanks.

-- Justin Toner, July 7, 2010

I just buy the cheapest I can find, with 100% UV protection. That way I don't feel bad if I drop them on the ramp, or leave them behind in a rental airplane or at an FBO. I keep a couple extra pairs on hand for passengers who don't realize just how bright it is above the clouds.

I look for narrow earpieces (to avoid breaking the seal on my headset) and *always* non-polarized lenses. Although fashion is generally the least of my concerns, I prefer lenses that are tinted dark on the top and lighter on the lower half, to make the panel easier to see.

Something else to consider: For flight in IMC and/or flat haze or twilight conditions, you might want to keep on hand a pair with pale pink or yellow lenses. The greatly enhanced contrast is well worth the fashion risk.

-- Jane Carpenter, October 8, 2010