LSA Maintenance Certification

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The LSA Maintenance Certification is now available. I have an SEL/IA license, and am
considering purchase of an LSA (likely PiperSport), attending the 3 week class Maintenance
Certification Course (4000$), performing the 5 required annuals over 30 months and then
taking the A&P written/practical. After that I'll upgrade to a certificated plane. Seems too
good to be true. Of course, I don't intend to maintain anyone's (or my) Mustang right away,
however a Diamond, Cessna, Mooney, (Cirrus??) seems reasonable. Am I missing
something ? I am mechanically inclined and a graduate level BME.
- Marc Curvin (Loyal PG reader, 1st time poster)

-- Marc Curvin, November 14, 2010


Ok, so perhaps enthusiasm obscured the intent of the foregoing question. A&Ps heretofore have been vetted either via a trip through the military (long road) or by attending an 18 month course generally requiring full time attendance. The LSA Maintenance Certification apparently allows one to earn the same certification after a 3 week class followed by the completion of 5 LSA annuals (then testing for the A&P). To maintain one's own aircraft (without having built it), especially in remote areas or at a personal airstrip or in your flying club (esp. a CFI / owner) seems like a great way to remove a lot of the expense and hassle of ownership, and involve more participants in GA - need for the latter is undisputed. I'm soliciting perspectives from anyone who believes this is an incorrect interpretation of the intent and practical application of the LSA Maintenance Certificate.

-- Marc Curvin, November 22, 2010