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I'm looking for a web site/software where I can enter way points and get a hard copy
printout of a nav log that looks similar to the paper generated ones we had to fill out when
working on our PVT pilot certification.

Specifically, I want to enter way points and it'll return a log with headings for a specific
altitude and the winds aloft.

I've tried out FltPlan and ForeFlight, but FltPlan has way too much info crammed into a
small area and ForeFlight has too little info for either to be of practical use in the cockpit.

Many thanks,

-- Joe Moreno, November 30, 2010


DUATS will do this for you.

-- Philip Greenspun, November 30, 2010

Hi Phil,

Thanks for that pointer. While it technically has the features I was looking for I'm wondering if you know of anything better than DUATS? This is rather a crude format:

The DUATS nav log looks like it was printed out by a teletype. And the UI/UX of DUATS is painful. I know this is arrogant of me, but I don't understand why there are no web sites that can display this info in a modern way.

Thanks, Joe

-- Joe Moreno, November 30, 2010

I can't believe your comment about Foreflight. Having every chart, plate, DP, STAR, real time weather, fuel prices, airport info. (AFD), graphical flight planning, filing through DUATS, all at your finger tips through your whole flight seems like very practical information to have in the cockpit and it's about 40 lbs. lighter than a full set of Jepp. charts. It can also work as a backup (non-certified) GPS with 5-10m accuracy all for less than a $100 per year.

I have it on a IPAD and I think its be best flight planning tool to come out in a long time. If you have any interest in revisiting Foreflight check out their YouTube tutorials.

-- Alex Baker, November 30, 2010

Hi Alex,

I think ForeFlight is well worth the money. The charts and weather are fantastic. I just bought an annual subscription. It is, by far, the best software I've seen, but it has some limitations.

The nav log is a little crude. I'd really like to be able to print out the nav log, either directly from the app or email it to myself so I can print it out. That way I have a backup and I can track my flight just like a paper based nav log we used in basic flight training.

The winds aloft are key, for me. Sometimes my ForeFlight nav log has winds aloft calculated and other times they don't. I'm not sure why.

Also, the graphical flight planning sometimes throws random waypoints in my route that are dozen of miles out of the way. Again, I'm not sure why.

Thanks for your feedback, Joe

-- Joe Moreno, December 2, 2010

I recently came across the AOPA Internet Flight Planner website and it produces fantastic nav logs (the best I've seen in my limited experience).

Here's a screen shot of a kneeboard nav log:

Members can try out the AOPA IFP beta at:

Cheers, Joe

-- Joe Moreno, January 13, 2011

I asked ForeFlight about the winds issue and got a good answer and a good source for winds computation. in.html

-- maggie hettinger, January 30, 2012