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Just wondering if anybody knows of any good A&P Programs out there
that are only a year?

-- Chris Johnston, January 24, 2011


We have a 19 month school starting at the end of Feb.

19 months is about as short of school you are going to get, considering you need to log 1900 hours of training time to qualify for your A&P Practical exams.

Additionally for the first 25 students we accept, we are offering the tuition for free.

Call me if you are interested - Josh Smith - 510-553-9600

-- David Smith, January 26, 2011

You can take the Light Sport Maintenance Repairman course in 3 weeks and you will earn A&P/IA privileges for light sport aircraft and for light sport experimental. After 30 months of work an A&P can sign you off to take the A&P written test, after which you can take the A&P practical. I took the LRSM this past February at Rainbow Aviation. It was an excellent experience. I would never have had time to earn the A&P via an alternate route. And, 'yes Phil', I am comfortable flying planes on which I have performed the annual or 100 hr inspection. The ASTM compliance process is an outstanding design which will probably (IMO) ultimately supercede the FAA compliance program for certificated aircraft. Noone knows better than, or has more at stake in the safety/maintenance process than the manufacturer. - Marc Curvin, MD, MS BME

-- Marc Curvin, April 19, 2011

Thanks for the answers: I did find an A&P School that is 1 year and from going there to interview and talking to previous students I have found that they have an excellent reputation. Its MVCC Aviation Maintenance Traing Program in Rome, NY 1905 hr. 12 Months, which means I can get in and get back to work in a year. I like the sounds of that... Tution is excellent too at about 13000.00

-- Chris Johnston, April 19, 2011

Hello Chris, I went to MVCC and am now a certified A&P tech. Good school and I learned a lot. It was the only school with a 727 and the instructors were all pretty good. I also heard one of the girls I graduated with is working for 30 an hour and she is a lead at a helicopter plant.Not to bad for being out of school for a little over a year, and the year of school went by really fast. Good luck with school!!!

-- thomas belewich, April 20, 2011