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Does anyone know if a USED Garmin G1000 system can be installed, like
any other Garmin product, by any certified avionics shop?

Also, is there a link which shows all aircraft certified to use the
G1000 system?

Thanks for your help!

-- Don Barkley, April 4, 2011


Hello Don. As far as I know, G1000 is not retrofittable. As to which types are certified with G1000, I would look at manuals. There are separate manuals for every type.

Then again, there is a G1000 retrofit option for the Pilatus PC-12 and perhaps others. But to my understanding, the retrofit is an STC'd modification, and not like installing a GNS430.


-- Henrik Vaeroe, April 4, 2011

Also certain King Airs. I haven't heard of a piston STC for a G1000 retrofit. That's what they use the G500 and G600 for.

The G900 is basically a G1000 for installation into kitplanes, but you can't install in a certified aircraft.

-- Mike Zaharis, April 6, 2011

It's not just the STC issue - the G1000 requires dozens of sensors on the engine, A-D converters, alt encoders etc which provide digital input to the system. There is much more to the G1000 than just the display component of it.

-- Steve Webster, September 26, 2013