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Currently own a DA40 and just finishing IFR rating. Live in Toronto and the mission is
a few trips to Calgary plus local trips to lake country. Wife is not a comfortable flyer.
Loading is hard to predict but I have 4 kids so you never know how many seats you
could fill. I have a few folks suggesting a Malibu but it seems a big step in a lot of
ways. Phil I think you flew one. How does the performance fit my varied mission Nd
what about it as a step up from a Diamond?

Tim Gleeson

-- Tim Gleeson, August 7, 2011


Malibu is a huge step in terms of maintenance cost/hassle. Performance is great if you can also get a letter from God promising that the engine won't quit. If you can live without pressurization, a Bonanza will very likely provide a much more satisfying ownership experience.

-- Philip Greenspun, August 8, 2011

Also the PA46 airframe has some very high insurance rates. According to the Piper dealer newer ones average about $18K per year. Of course older ones would be less, but still far above something like a Bo.

-- Alex Baker, August 8, 2011

Interesting to suggest the Bonanza as I've been thinking a great deal about that aircraft. I assume Phil you mean the normally aspirated given your opinion of turbocharging? Also I was pondering half a Malibu so that would control the costs and allow me possibly to keep the Diamond. Seems to come down to pressurization.

-- Tim Gleeson, August 8, 2011