Size comparrison between 2002 and 2006 DA40

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Hello, I previoulsy owned a 2002 "steam gauge" DA40 which I found
tight with regards to overall fit (I'm 6'4", more leg than torso and
215#) and am now comtemplating buying a 2006 G1000 model. I made
trips from Ohio to Florida, and although it wasn't like flying a
Lazyboy, it wasn't a deal breaker. Is the 2006 DA40 roomier? I
currently own a C177B that has more leg room than I can use, but I
miss the flight characteristics of the Diamond. I would also be
interested in anyone's comparrison of the two planes with regards to
handling, safety etc...Thank You, Erik Stier

-- erik stier, October 1, 2011


I test flew a new DA40 XLS around 2008. It had the "bubble canopy", which supposedly adds headroom, but the salesman and my experience showed that it added only a minor amount (probably less than half an inch).

I am also 6'4" but more upper body, so I really didn't have enough headroom, especially with a headset.

As I recall, the XLS had electrically adjustable pedals, so that may help with legroom.


-- Todd Ramming, October 6, 2011

I am normal weight 6'4" with long thigh length and I do not fit in any Diamond planes including the twin star. While they think they engineered these planes for a wide range of body sizes, the lack of adjustment is a very limiting factor. I spoke to diamond reps and tried every model at Sun n Fun in 2009. Can't get my knees under the panel. Its a shame because I like their economy stats, safety record and useful load. But I will never get to fly one or fly in one. Cannt physically do it.

-- Fred Rohlfing, November 3, 2011

I'm only 6 feet tall, but I have a very long torso and shorter legs. My head has rubbed against the canopy in any diamond aircraft that I've ever had the chance of sitting in. I fit in a Cirrus just fine, but would rather have the Diamond if it fit well enough...

-- Lee Pounds, December 4, 2011