taking dog to Baja

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Does anyone have recent experience on taking a dog with them to Baja? I am thinking of
flying in a group in a 182 to Mulege, and was thinking about taking my dog. I read about
getting recent rabies, vaccines, and health certificates; but I was wondering if anyone has
actually done it recently?

-- Alex H, February 1, 2012


Hi Alex,

I took my dogs into Canada and provided a signed form from my vet together with a rabies certificate to the customs officer. Then, the dogs sat in crates for about 20 minutes while the officers could look at them.

It seemed to me that the officers didn't really have a formal procedure. They saw that my dogs appeared healthy and that I provided some type of paperwork, which they took but I doubt they even looked at.

Here is the website I used:


And, here is what it has to say about Mexico:


U.S. visitors to Mexico may bring a dog or cat by presenting the following certificates at the border:

- a pet health certificate signed by a registered veterinarin in the United States and issued not more than 72 hours before the animal enters Mexico; and - a pet vaccination certificate showing that the animal has been treated for rabies, hepatitis, pip and leptospirosis.

Certification by Mexican consular authorities is not required for the health or vaccination certificate. A permit fee is charged at the time of entry into Mexico.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Consular Affairs


-- Todd Ramming, February 1, 2012